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Renewable energy solutions

According to the United Nations, 80% of global energy production comes from fossil fuels such as coal oil and gas.

Yet, 75% of greenhouse gas emissions and 90% of carbon dioxide emissions come from fossil fuels.

Climate change is real. But we will only be able to avoid its wrathful consequences if we reduced our emissions by half by 2030 and achieve net-zero by 2050.

Meanwhile, there is an infinite amount of sun, wind, water, and other renewable energy sources.

Commercial and industrial solar solutions

Secure the future of your business operations with sustainable energy. We ensure that sustainable energy is not just a vision but a viable, accessible reality. 

As one of the pioneers and leading players, we offer solar solutions to commercial and industrial energy consumers. These solutions are tailored to their specific needs, taking into account available roof or landspace and the client’s energy consumption or load profile.

In partnership with Aboitiz Power, we offer zero-upfront cost solutions through solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). This allows our clients to benefit from having an on-site solar generation facility without making the upfront investment. 

UGEP has been active since 2015 and has managed to build out a full in-house turnkey engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) capability, proven by a growing track record of projects in all corners of the Philippines.  

We take pride in offering the highest quality solar solutions, using tier-1 equipment and ensuring advanced safety standards. We build with integrity, ensuring maximum participation of the local communities and minimal impact on the environment.

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

We harness the grid’s strength and ensure every project achieves maximum energy efficiency and output.

Operation and Maintenance

Reliability is our hallmark. With our advanced remote web services, we monitor your plant’s performance ’round the clock. We optimize its life span with semi-annual cleaning and maintenance.

Engineering Services

Innovation meets affordability in our state-of-the-art solutions, made accessible with zero upfront costs.

Project Financing

Get value out of your investment. Our comprehensive solar PV performance reports and bespoke engineering designs enable you to make financial decisions based on data and expertise.

Feasibility Study

Turning your vision into reality requires planning. Our engineers offer tailored solutions and insights to facilitate your seamless transition to solar.

Renewable energy project development

We at UGEP are resolved to create efficient and sustainable power solutions. Banking on the experience of our shareholders and management team, UGEP aims to develop utility-scale renewable energy projects. This can be solar, wind, battery storage or any combination thereof.

We take on every phase of clean energy development, ensuring that our communities are powered by the best of what modern technology and renewable resources can offer.

We believe that the future energy landscape will be one of 100% renewable energy, strategically located close to demand centers and sized appropriately as to limit grid constraints and minimize losses.


We craft energy blueprints tailored to specific environments and needs.


Leveraging a global network, we source the finest, most sustainable materials and technologies.


Our team of expert engineers optimize energy output and minimize environmental impact.


We build infrastructures that stands the test of time, while harmonizing with the surrounding environment.


We ensure longevity and peak performance of our energy solutions through meticulous care and planning.

Why renewable energy?

Every country is rich with renewables — especially the Philippines

Only 20% of the global population live in countries with a wealth of fossil fuels. The rest of us are vulnerable to volatile prices and geopolitical disturbances. With renewable energy, we will sustain own power requirements, create new jobs, and be more economically stable.

Renewable energy is cheaper

The price of solar power dropped 85% between 2010 and 2020. For wind, as much as 56%. While it is true that solar and wind power became more expensive over the pandemic years — as most products affected by freight prices did — gas and coal prices rose more sharply.

The world will breathe better with renewable energy

There are over 7B humans on Earth, and, according to the World Health Organization, 99% of us breathe unhealthy air, mostly due to burning fossil fuels. With solar, wind, and other clean sources of energy, there is nothing to burn and poison our precious air.

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